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Welcome to BL2 Reopening" with Testing and Training of fNIRx Equipment!

The Brain and Language Center has chosen to reopen for managers and research assistants before starting the new academic year. Before beginning their in-person job, they expected to complete covid19 testing and training based on Gallaudet's COVID19 Team. The research assistants are concentrating on the fNIRx Certification program, which entails using fNIRx neuroimaging experiments. The program needed us to understand the necessity of utilizing fNIRx equipment tools before attending the certification training. Furthermore, we were pleased to collaborate in person after the extended pandemic quarantine as long as we followed the Mask policy.

When BL2 heard the news from the Gallaudet University campus that the BL2 is reopening this summer to welcome all BL2 workers to mingle, work, and support together, as well as gain new experiences, was joyful.

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