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VL2 Student Scholar Recognition Ceremony

November 05, 2013

On Tuesday, November 5, new and continuing student scholars were recognized at the VL2 Student Scholar Recognition Ceremony where they were presented with certificates and congratulatory mementos by VL2 Science Director and Co-Principal Investigator Laura-Ann Petitto and Co-Principal Investigator Tom Allen. VL2 Student Scholars are undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral students who conduct research, create materials, and analyze data in the following labs: the Petitto Brain & Language Laboratory for Neuroimaging (BL2), the Early Educational Longitudinal Study (EELS) Lab led by Dr. Allen, the Motion Lab led by Melissa Malzkuhn, and VL2’s Education and Research Translation team, led by Dr. Melissa Herzig and Melissa Malzkuhn. Both Dr. Petitto and Dr. Allen expressed their gratitude for the students’ hard work and dedication and reminded the student scholars that they are the next generation of scientists. After the award ceremony, we swapped stories about our experiences in BL2 and VL2 and enjoyed a light lunch. Through their participation in VL2 as Student Scholars, they gain considerable scientific research and translation experience, as well as science mentoring opportunities.

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