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Summer Raffle Meeting

On the last day of the virtual Team meeting on August 20th before classes start, the BL2 decide to host a raffle ticket to win 4 VISA gift cards of $25, $50, $75 & $100. We hosted the Raffle meeting is to appreciate everyone's hard work during the pandemic and summer due to working remotely. Also, we had fun questions to ask everyone such as what do you enjoy working during the summertime? Who is your favorite pet? We enjoyed chatting with each other.

All of the names were written on the small piece of paper and Dr. White/Grady picked a random name for one of the gift card.

The names were picked : Kristina, Grady, Kailyn, & Joseph who won one of the VISA gift cards.

1st Place Winner ($100): Kristina McKinnie

2nd Place Winner ($75): Grady Gallagher

3rd Place Winner ($50); Kailyn Aaron-Lozano

4th Place Winner ($25): Joseph Palagano

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