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Professor Petitto Sponsors a NIRx Workshop on Brain Imaging and Analyses

May 05, 2018

Professor Laura-Ann Petitto is thrilled to sponsor a NIRx Workshop on brain imaging and analyses, which was brought here by the NIRx company representative Thomas Johannsen. The NIRx Medical Technologies-Optical Neuroimaging (Berlin, Germany) team and Johannsen recently sold Petitto three NIRx systems. The Keynote address was given by Dr. Ted Huppert, the renown world expert in fNIRS neuroimaging and analyses. The event was co-hosted by fNIRS neuroimager Dr. Clifton Langdon with his PEN graduate student Lauren Berger. The NIRx Workshop attracted a terrific group of graduate and undergraduate students, Research Assistants, Post-Docs, and faculty from Gallaudet University, VL2 and PEN, and the GWA universities and hospitals, including The Children’s National Hospital, University of Maryland (three (3) different programs), Johns Hopkins University, James Madison University, the Autism and Neurodevelopment Center (Georgetown University), and Georgetown University.

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