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Laura-Ann Petitto named to Sin Wai-Kin Distinguished Professorship at Hong Kong University

January 09, 2015

VL2’s Co-PI and Science Director, Dr. Laura-Ann Petitto was awarded the Sin-Wai-Kin Distinguished Professorship in the Humanities at the University of Hong Kong (2014-2016). Over the course of two years, Petitto traveled to the University of Hong Kong’s Science of Learning Strategic Team and especially collaborated with the renowned Science of Learning scientist, Professor Nancy Law. Dr. Petitto worked to established new scholarly partnerships with HKU faculty, and she served as a resource for the advancement of the Science of Learning at HKU. In addition, Petitto contributed significantly to help HKU design and build its first Educational Neuroscience Laboratory. Petitto had the pleasure of advising many students, guided many on their proposed neuroimaging and behavioral studies of fascinating aspects of human behavior, guided several neuroimaging studies involving functional Near-Infrared Spectroscopy (fNIRS), and delivered many lectures at the University of Hong Kong and elsewhere in the vibrant Hong Kong scholarly community, many of which were open to the public. For a select sample see U. Hong Kong – Sin Wai-Kin Distinguished Professorship Lecture Abstracts In spring 2019, Professor Petitto will return once again to Hong Kong to visit with scientists and scholars at the University of Hong Kong.

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