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Laura-Ann Petitto Discusses BL2 Discoveries and Bilingual Benefits in the Brain with Tony Blair

May 21, 2015

Leaders in the Finance World, including Diana Farrell (founding President and Chief Executive of the JPMorgan Chase Institute), and Jamie Dimon (CEO and Chairman of the Board, JP Morgan Chase & Co), held a launch at Washington, D.C.’ Newseum of their new JPMorgan Chase Institute, “a global think tank dedicated to delivering data-rich analyses and expert insights for the public good.” Farrell convened among the nation’s top policymakers, academics, and others, to reflect on a panel’s discussion of what new types of questions can be asked of big data that can both serve the good of society and positively impact policy in the nation and on the world stage. Committed to the rich discovery that comes from the interdisciplinary exchange, Farrell invited Professor Laura-Ann Petitto, Cognitive Neuroscientist at Gallaudet University’s NSF Science of Learning Center, Visual Language, and Visual Learning. VL2 and BL2 also deal with daily questions of the use of shared data, and “big data,” and how scientific findings may best be used for the betterment of society and policymakers. Tony Blair (Former Prime Minister of Great Britain and Northern Ireland) was also present for the breakfast meeting and panel discussion. Afterward, Petitto and Blair chatted about the nature of human language and the benefits of the bilingual brain. Petitto was so thrilled to have this opportunity to speak with Blair that she completely forgot to invite him to BL2 for one of our famous tours. Smile!

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