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Keck & NSF INSPIRE Bi-Annual Science & Design Innovation Meeting

October 28, 2016

Dr. Laura-Ann Petitto (PI, Keck & NSF INSPIRE grants) and team convened for the exciting bi-annual “all hands on deck” important science and design innovation meeting on October 26-27, 2016. Above L-R: Jake Brawer (Ph.D. student, Yale); Dr. Brian Scassellati (project head, Yale University team); Dr. David Traum (project head, University of Southern California); Dr. Laura-Ann Petitto (PI; project head, Gallaudet University); Dr. Clifton Langdon (BL2 Assistant Director, Gallaudet University); Melissa Malzkuhn (ML2 Director, Gallaudet University); Dr. Barbara Manini (Keck & NSF INSPIRE Post-Doc, Gallaudet University); Adam Stone (Ph.D. student, Gallaudet); Dr. Arcangelo Merla (project head, Universita D’Annunzio, Chieti-Pescara, Italy); Jason Lamberton (ML2 Technician); Setareh Gilani (Ph.D. student, USC).

See more photos below!

From top left to bottom right: Jake Brawer (Ph.D. student, Yale) and Dr. Brian Scassellati (project head, Yale team), make adjustments to the Maki robot, A group selfie (or “welfie”) with dessert to kick off our two-day meeting, Setareh Gilani (Ph.D. student, USC), Dr. Arcangelo Merla (project head, Universita D’Annunzio, Chieti-Pescara), and Jake Brawer (Ph.D. student, Yale) are at their eye-tracking, virtual human, thermal IR imaging, and robot operating stations, ready for our baby pilot to assess RAVE’s functionality and integrative processes, Dr. Clifton Langdon (BL2 Assistant Director), Adam Stone (Ph.D. student, Gallaudet), and Dr. Arcangelo Merla discuss placement of RAVE’s physical elements, Dr. Laura-Ann Petitto (PI, project head, Gallaudet) and Dr. Brian Scassellati (project head, Yale) share a light moment while discussing the Maki robot’s role in the integrated RAVE system.

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