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BL2 Students Visit University of Rochester Baby Lab

May 12, 2015

On Thursday, May 7, two BL2 and PEN students, Geo Kartheiser and Adam Stone, took part in an all-day infant fNIRS training workshop at the University of Rochester Baby Lab. Led by Dr. Lauren Emberson (postdoc) and Dr. Richard Aslin (lab director), the training covered the basics of infant fNIRS methodology, including a live observation of an actual infant participant, cortical localization and co-registration, and HOMER2 data analysis. The knowledge gained here will benefit BL2’s already robust capabilities in performing fNIRS neuroimaging on infants, children, and adults. Many thanks to Dr. Emberson for her hard work in organizing this training and to Dr. Aslin for his support of this cross-lab training opportunity. This training was funded by a VL2 Student Review Committee student training grant.

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