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BL2’s First Lab Tour of 2021

After a year of social isolation and working remotely from home, the Brain and Language Center (BL2) officially opened for tours." With the lab's inauguration, BL2 is thrilled to welcome our first visitors of the new year. The guest visitors are Mr. Rizvi Ziagham, Dr. Shah Yasir (his youngest son), and Ms. Iman Ilias (Mr. Zaigham's granddaughter). They are all connected with Ms. Azima Dhanjee (CODA) of ConnectHear in Pakistan, a Center For the Deaf that promotes Sign Language. The guests were interested in promoting and empowering Pakistan's deaf community. The visit provided them with the materials they need to bring back to enhance language rights for the deaf population in Pakistan. Kailyn Aaron-Lozano and Yeh Kim, our research assistants, conducted the tour by expanding on the Brains and Language Center's purpose of teaching, research, and translating scientific research from previous and present investigations.

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