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BL2 Movie Night Out!

We didn't have much opportunity to spend together during the challenging epidemic for long-term distant employment. It got pretty tiring to spend time during the Zoom meeting. One of the graduate research assistants, Kristina McKinnie, came up with a brilliant idea for holding a movie night. This idea appears to be a fantastic chance for all of us to get together and watch a movie while also chatting! Later, we selected the top three films that received the most votes for seeing a film, "YES DAY!" starring Jennifer Garner. For the YES DAY film, we chose this film because not only is it humorous, but it also features amazing actresses such as Jennifer Garner and Jenny Ortega.

"Maybe by being a lil less serious, we can make things better."

"It’s just a nerd party!"

⬆ Quotes from the movie, Yes Day.

We were apprehensive about scheduling a Zoom meeting with a movie night in addition to the film gathering night. One of them suggested using Telepathy to link Netflix so that we could all communicate while watching the movie at the same time. Making the best out of our virtual environment, the BL2 team got together for a movie night! We had a great evening laughing together and getting to know our recently acquired research assistants, Joseph Palagano, Kristina McKinnie, Claudia Smistek, and Ryan Horner. That was awesome, and after all of that, we thoroughly enjoyed and laughed at the same time. Finally, we felt virtually linked to our genuine sentiments!

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