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BL2 Hosts NIRx Medical Technologies, LLC at Gallaudet University

May 23, 2019

Washington, DC – – On May 23, Petitto’s Brain and Language Lab for Neuroimaging (BL2) hosted a workshop training meeting at Gallaudet University with scientists and technicians from NIRx Medical Technologies, LLC (Germany). The NIRx brain imaging company made Petitto’s NIRx brain imaging systems used by her and the entire BL2 team. Gallaudet researchers, students, and staff attended the meeting held in BL2.

Both the NIRx company and Petitto BL2 teams have been working closely together to advance the design of the NIRx baby headband. The NIRx team brought an excellent prototype that they engineered into a modified NIRx baby headband to hold the system’s optodes and the BL2 team provided feedback from their experiences with testing infants. The goal is to help advance a headband that comfortable for babies and easy to put on babies.

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