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BL2 Fall 2021 Team!

We started off with BL2's new new photos for the Fall of 2021!

Left to right: Charles Harris, Nthabeleng MacDonald, Grady Gallagher, Sheila Maynard, Dr. Bradley White, Dr. Laura-Ann Petitto, Cryss Padilla, Claudia Smistek, Joseph Palagano, Kristina McKinnie, and Yeh Kim.

Plus we have a new and awesome Research Assistants additional to our BL2 Fall 2021 Team!

Here they are:

Undergraduate Research Assistant, Nthabeleng MacDonald

Undergraduate Research Assistant, Charles Harris

Here are our cool and possibly a new traditional with the GIF to "Welcome" and "Thank You" all for your involvement with our updates and fun stuff to share with!


"Thank You"

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