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VL2’s Research Briefs: Now Available As Videos!

Updated: Dec 16, 2019

Sep 3, 2014

Ten student-scholars with VL2, including Paul, Diana, Geo, and Adam from our BL2 lab, hosted and participated in the “TL2” Translation-Translation Workshop at Gallaudet University. In collaboration with VL2’s Education and Research Translation Manager Dr. Melissa Herzig and VL2’s Digital Innovation and Media Strategies Manager Melissa Malzkuhn, the students worked hard to learn principles of translation of scientific research findings for use by society (e.g., educators, parents), and they also learned how to create videos DIY-style with their own iPhones, regular tripods, and natural, ready-to-go settings around the Gallaudet campus. Students also learned how to quickly edit on iMovie and caption their videos on YouTube.

So what did we end up translating at TL2, hosted August 21-24, 2014? All 10 of VL2’s research briefs are now available as 2-3 minute videos with ASL and closed captioning (voiceover coming soon)! Check out our hard work below (or follow the link here), and share widely!

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