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Dr. Laura-Ann Petitto Explore Potential International Gallaudet-Italy-Europe Research Collaboration

June 03, 2016

Dr. Laura Ann Petitto attended a meeting to explore potential international Gallaudet-Italy-Europe research collaborations about key issues in early child development with one of Gallaudet University’s Board of Associate members, Mr. Roberto Wirth. The meeting took place at Mr. Wirth’s renowned Hassler Hotel in Rome, Italy on May 29, 2016. During the meeting, Dr. Petitto had the distinct honor and pleasure to meet Mr. Wirth’s friend, the acclaimed actor and twice Academy Award winner, George Clooney, and his highly esteemed wife, international lawyer, human rights activist, and author, Amal Clooney—both of whom joined in with Dr. Petitto and Wirth for part of their lively discussion about these important topics.

Photos: Dr. Petitto, the Clooneys, and Mr. Roberto Wirth (Gallaudet Board of Associates member)

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